New Album Out Now


 One of the fruits of my creative labour this year is new album called Remembering the Stars, funded by a Pozible crowd-funding project. The album comprises two CDs of morning ragas sung in traditional Dhrupad style, accompanied only by tampura and pakhawaj. There are four ragas, starting with the pre-dawn raga Lalit, and all tracks were recorded at the Dhrupad Sansthan in India.

The title was inspired by the idea that we are physically, as well as spiritually, made of celestial material. To me, this music is a passage to remembering that vastness and that timelessness. It is a doorway into a pristine universe, untouched by the fracturing, dis-integrating boots of modern thought. It is my offering, a candle at the alter of the World-Soul, and a sign of its resilience. May it do someone some good, somewhere.

To purchase a printed copy of the album, send me an email at branandubh(at)

To purchase a digital copy, follow the CD Baby link below…

For full information on the textual content of the album, see the album page:


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