Surya Namaskar

Traditional Indian vocal music for yoga, meditation and ceremony. This collection, dedicated to the divine sun, begins with the full set of mantras for the hatha yoga practice of sun salutations.

The ragas explored are gunkali and bhatiyar, with alap meditations and two traditional compositions.

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Throught the Heart of Night

Recorded in India in early 2016, thisĀ album features the nocturnal raga darbari kanada, plus three compositions of bhakti poetry in faster dhrupad style (including verses by Kabir and Naamdev). I had the pleasure of working with pakhawaj player Roman Das. The session was captured in the Bhopal apartment of my dear friends Igino and Virginia.

Through the Heart of Night represents my second album of entirely traditional dhrupad singing, as I learned it from my gurus, and so places my small flame at the alter of this ancient and magical form of music.

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Kokoro: Ancestral Trailskokoro-front

This album was produced in 2011 in collaboration with didjeridoo player Sanshi Saegusa. It reveals the deep affinity between the modal music of India, and traditional Australian didjeridoo music. There are three original songs in English and two traditional songs in Hindi. The ragas used are Bhairav, Asavari and Jog.

TheĀ native Australian instrument, the yidaki (didjeridoo), was traditionally used as an accompaniment to male voice. I began singing with this instrument many years ago and that experience inspired me to focus on modal vocal music, so this project was an exciting return to my artistic roots.

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