I teach Hindustani Raga music and modal improvisation for voice, and other suitable instruments, both online and in person in Fremantle, Western Australia. I also guide students in the devotional and therapeutic approaches to music.

Classical Raga:

I teach Raga music according to the foundations taught to me by my Gurus, the Gundecha brothers, who learnt from dhrupad vocal the ancient Dagar family lineage. Some features of this tradition are pitch precision (in just intonation), natural voice culture and a deep experience of each raga. We normally practice with a tanpura, or equivalent and not with a harmonium. It is excellent training for many other styles of music, and for Indian Classical styles in particular, as confirmed by senior masters in the genre (eg. Hariprasad Chaurasia). I am dedicated to passing on this awesome musical tradition, as well as reviving its roots in the exploration of consciousness

Modal Improvisation:

I teach musicians who want to creatively expand their grasp on different modes (ie. scales), improvise with more focus and improve their aural skills generally . The ragas offer an extremely rich source of melodic and harmonic ideas. I emphasise the importance of learning natural harmony, or just intonation, which gives a foundation for a deeper understanding of both traditional music and modern equal temperament (see W.A. Mathieu, ‘The Harmonic Experience’). 

Below I have shared some videos where I show the method of learning Just intonation in the context of the classic church modes. 

Bhakti and Naad Yoga:

Beyond the more purely musical dimension, traditional Raga music is part of an exploration of consciousness that touches on the faith experience. Anyone can explore this realm to cultivate wellbeing, connect with others and express their yearning for wholeness. Using the voice to incarnate our sense of the Sacred, and the quest for liberation through music, is an important part of my art and research. I have a repertoire from many styles of devotional music, including Gurbani kirtan and compositions from Indian poet-saints, such as Kabir, and I regularly lead group devotional singing events. 

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