The Rhythmic Body workshop series

‘Music isn’t something that happens out there, but in here.’ –W.A. Mathieu

I’m excited to let you all know about a series of workshops exploring rhythm through our own music-making body. This first term is a collaboration between Bec Bradley and myself, presenting what I think are some very cutting edge approaches to learning. The idea is to discover rhythm in a natural way, through our physical vehicle. You will be stepping, clapping, using your voice and learning to play the frame drum.  

For the first 5 weeks we focus on the Taketina rhythm process, developed by Reinhart Flatishler.  Bec is an advanced level facilitator of this system, having learnt directly from the master.  Taketina is more than rhythm training, but also a reflective system of self-development and can be highly therapeutic.

In the second half of the term we will work more on the rhythmic body-mapping and create an ensemble using the tar, a frame drum of middle eastern origin. These drums have a gentle sound, ideal for singing with, and free the feet for stepping. I will be drawing largely from the methodology of master-percussionist Glen Valez.

These sessions are designed as an entrance into rhythmic creation, especially for those who don’t consider themselves musicians, but they should also challenge the more experienced music-makers.

Where: The Meeting Place, South Fremantle

When: Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm, Feb  8 – April 12 (10 weeks)

Cost:  $220 (Full term); $140 ( Half term)

Booking contact:  ph:0488966951







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