Private Teaching:

Branan is dedicated to passing on the awesome tradition of Hindustani Raga music, with a dhrupad approach. The features of the dhrupad method are: a natural, unadulterated vocal culture; an emphasis on fine pitch accuracy and practicing with the accompaniment of a tampura (not a harmonium). The teaching is oral and can be done face-to –face or through Skype.

The Classical Indian pedagogy is all about developing an excellent foundation for improvisation, and these skills are transferable to any style of music. The Ragas are an awesome repository of melodic ideas. In the context of traditional Indian music, Dhrupad is considered by many great artists to be a necessary starting point:   

 “ It is essential for any student to have a base of Dhrupad to become a good musician of Indian classical music. Hari Prasad Chaurasia

“I feel that a base of Dhrupad is absolutely essential for any student of music. It helps the student to have a complete grasp over the notes and voice culture. Gangubai Hangal

 Dhrupad workshops

These workshops are designed to give an introduction to Classical Indian singing, focusing on one raga and a traditional composition. The teaching is adapted to suit the level and needs of the participants.

Nada Yoga classes:

In these classes we work though some techniques that use voice and music as meditation, based on the tradition of Dhrupad. Your own voice is the perfect vehicle to transcendant experience: learn how to use it to engage in the ongoing dialogue with the One. You will also gain vocal confidence and learn how to create a space in your daily life for restoration, reintegration and reconnection.