Branan is a vocalist whose artistic journey has led him into the heart of Indian Raga music. He is a trained exponent of the ancient classical form called Dhrupad, and one of the very few from outside of India. His singing conveys the emotional depth of the Raga tradition whilst reconnecting this classical genre with its roots in sacred music and nada yoga. 




In keeping with my vow to produce a new album every year, I’ve just released a collection entitled Through the Heart of Night. Recorded in India earlier this year, the album features the nocturnal raga darbari kanada, plus three compositions of bhakti poetry in faster dhrupad style. This year I had the pleasure of working...[read more>>]

When I tell people that I’m a musician, they often ask what sort of music I play. When I tell them that I sing Indian Classical music the conversation usually stops right there. A select few curious or worldly souls venture further. Many of those want to know how I got tangled up in such...[read more>>]

I’m back in the luminous land of West Oz, port of Fremantle, after a month performing in the USA and 3 months in India imbibing the essence of the dhrupad homeland. I was a little ‘out-of-range’ (you may have noticed), as I rediscovered the simplicity of living from a suitcase, screen free, immersed in my...[read more>>]

New World Dhrupad Tour, Oct 2015

I am currently staying in West Orange, New Jersey -overlooking the lights of that Babylonian metropolis, NYC- and working on a traditional raga music collaboration with friend and gurubhaai, Dr Payton MacDonald. A Classical Western percussionist, educator and tabla player, Payton has been studying dhrupad vocal music with the Gundecha Brothers for the last few...[read more>>]

New Album Out Now

Remembering the Stars - new cd release. This album comprises two CDs of morning ragas sung in traditional Dhrupad style, accompanied only by tampura and pakhawaj. Recorded at the Dhrupad Sansthan in India.[read more>>]

Dhrupad in the USA

Last month I had the pleasure of touring the USA as a dhrupad singer, playing in a number of cities across the country. I performed traditional ‘jugulbandhi’ (duet) with gurubhai Sou Inoue from Japan, accompanied on pakhawaj by Dnyaneshvara Deshmukh from India. We all trained with the Gundecha Brothers and met at their school, the Dhrupad Sansthan in Bhopal, India. The tour was instigated by our teachers and organised by the Dhrupad Music Institute of America.[read more>>]