Branan is a vocalist whose artistic journey has led him into the heart of Indian Raga music. He is a trained exponent of the ancient classical form called Dhrupad, and one of the very few from outside of India. His singing conveys the emotional depth of the Raga tradition whilst reconnecting this classical genre with its roots in sacred music and nada yoga. 





‘Music isn’t something that happens out there, but in here.’ –W.A. Mathieu I’m excited to let you all know about a series of workshops exploring rhythm through our own music-making body. This first term is a collaboration between Bec Bradley and myself, presenting what I think are some very cutting edge approaches to learning. The idea...[read more>>]

I've been reconnecting a bit with my roots in my one of my latest musical projects. With Irish musician Mahon MacCarthy, we've created a duo called 'Twa Corbies' to explore some Celtic folk narratives in soulful and fresh ways. Here is how it came about…  It’s just a wee stroll from my front door: that notorious...[read more>>]

Most of us know that we are losing bio-diversity, but few ponder the concurrent loss of cultural diversity. And in a way, cultural forms are natural forms, since no one consciously creates a language and it takes many generations to domesticate a plant or develop a tradition of music. It is provocative to ponder a...[read more>>]

To me, art is very much about ideas, as much as it is also about a direct experience. Our society and the way we live and think could be very different, were it based on different ideas. If you don’t believe in the Myth of Progress (that we just keep improving our lives, collectively finding...[read more>>]

In keeping with my vow to produce a new album every year, I’ve just released a collection entitled Through the Heart of Night. Recorded in India earlier this year, the album features the nocturnal raga darbari kanada, plus three compositions of bhakti poetry in faster dhrupad style. This year I had the pleasure of working...[read more>>]

When I tell people that I’m a musician, they often ask what sort of music I play. When I tell them that I sing Indian Classical music the conversation usually stops right there. A select few curious or worldly souls venture further. Many of those want to know how I got tangled up in such...[read more>>]

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